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January 5, 2018
Professional Cat Grooming for Your Cat
Professional Cat Grooming for Your Cat

Many pet owners have a common misconception that cats do not require professional grooming. Why? Because they lick themselves from time to time, thereby automatically cleaning and taking care of themselves. But let us ponder for a moment. Licking simply involves the spread of saliva on the skin. It is a contrast to grooming whereby cleaning, trimming, and clipping take place to maintain a proper hygiene and appearance for your cat. Whether it is a Sahuarita pet salon or Nogales pet salon.

Professional grooming, can take weight off your mind. It will relieve you of the fear of flea infestation in your cat and boost your cat’s well-being in the long run. As they say, a well-groomed cat is a happy cat. Since cats get dirty just like any other pet animal, they need regular grooming to maintain a neat and tidy appearance.

Pet salons in this respect provide the much-needed grooming to your furry feline friends. If it is a Sahuarita pet salon or Nogales pet salon, the benefits of cat grooming will go a long way in keeping your cat clean, thereby keeping your home tidy as well. If you find it a problem to take your cat to the salon, you can hire a professional pet groomer to visit you at home. Depending on where you stay, you can get a Sahuarita pet groomer or Nogales pet groomer to cater to your cat’s needs.

The following professional grooming techniques will take care of your cat in the best possible manner:

1. Giving a Bath

When your cat gets very dirty or gets into something that is foul-smelling, it needs a bath even though it may hate water. If it does not get a bath, your cat can spread the dirt and smell to the rest of the house. You will have a lot to clean up. It is a good idea to give your cat a bath to prevent a greater mess.

The bath is usually scheduled when the cat is at its most mellow. Playing with a toy for some time can help relax your cat. Some cotton is placed in the animal’s ears so that the water is kept out. Then, a hand-held spray hose is used to thoroughly wet your pet, taking care not to spray directly in the sensitive areas such as the ears, nose and eyes. The cat is then gently massaged with a solution in which one part is cat shampoo to five parts water. The massage is done in the direction of hair growth. The shampoo is then rinsed off with a spray hose. A washcloth is used to wipe the cat’s face while the body is dried with a large towel.

2. Brushing of the Coat

If your cat’s coat is brushed frequently, it will prevent hair from ending up in its stomach. Cat hair is not good for consumption and if your pet cannot spit it out, it could cause problems in the intestinal tract. A thorough brushing can also eliminate dirt and grime from the cat’s body as well as fleas.

Brushing generally takes place with a brush or comb from the neck downwards to the tail. A professional pet groomer knows how to brush the cat in a way such that it does not get annoyed. If the cat gets frisky or impatient, there is a pause for a few minutes before the animal feels relaxed for the brushing to continue. Avoid brushing the face and paws. When your cat gets difficult to manage, a grooming glove is used to massage the kitty gently. It is especially important to brush cats with longer hair as otherwise; the hairs can get matted or tangled. In this case, it needs to be shaved which can be a bothersome.

3. Checking for Skin Problems

Your cat’s skin needs care too as it indicates the animal’s overall health. Causes such as seasonal changes, injuries and external parasites can cause skin problems for your cat. Cat grooming can help address issues sooner rather than later. It could lead to excessive scratching, licking and chewing. When you consult a professional groomer, he/she will check for skin abnormalities of the following causes:

  • Ringworm can cause inflammation, scaly patches and hair loss. The infection is contagious and is, therefore, a threat to you as well.
  • Fleas can irritate the cat’s skin and cause symptoms such as red, raised skin lesions, excessive scratching and thinning of hair above the base of the tail. The presence of fleas can cause irritation and allergies on the skin.
  • Other parasites can cause infections as well. For instance, ear mites can cause a redness and an itching sensation around the ears, while lice can cause itchiness and mange mites a flaking of the skin.
  • Bacterial and yeast infections can result in strong odor, swelling, and redness in the ear flap or ear canal and waxy build-up near the ear canal. These infections usually follow the onset of another skin disorder.
  • Food allergies can be caused by certain foods that can appear to be foreign to your cat’s immune system. These could be poultry, corn, beef, and milk.
  • Common allergens such as pollen and dust can also cause allergies and infection. Certain changes in the skin could also be due to seasonal changes as many cats tend to get flaky skin during winters like people.
  • Contact with chemicals and fabrics could also cause irritation to the cat’s skin.
  • Anxiety and tension may cause cats to lick and chew to a great degree, causing hair loss.


4. Clipping

If you have a pet cat that has not been declawed, you need to clip your cat’s nails from time to time to ensure that your own and dear ones’ safety. If there are children at your home, this is especially important so that your cat is not able to scratch the little ones. However, if you cut the nails too short, it could hurt your cat and cause bleeding. In this context, you want to visit a pet salon so that the task of trimming the nails is taken due care of appropriately.

5. Brushing the Teeth

Brushing of your cat’s teeth is an important part of the grooming regimen. The cat’s teeth need to be clean and free from tartar build-up as well. The professional pet groomer will brush your cat’s teeth with a finger-tip brush and pet toothpaste.


These components of professional cat grooming will keep your cat happy and healthy, thereby enabling it to lead a normal, active life. If you are thinking, “Where can I get a cat groomer near me or a pet salon near me?”, it would be a good idea to search the Internet and get in touch with other pet parents as well.

Organic pet salon products such as the organic shampoo and conditioner are especially beneficial as they do not contain pesticides, man-made fertilizers, and growth additives to the livestock. Sahuarita cat grooming is a viable option if you reside in Sahuarita, Arizona. Similarly, when you search for a Nogales cat salon in case you are located in Nogales, there are plenty of options. With various price ranges available, you could opt for either expensive or affordable cat grooming to suit your needs.