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April 19, 2019
The Differences in Pet Grooming: Cats, Dogs and Rabbits
The Differences in Pet Grooming: Cats, Dogs and Rabbits

Whether you have a cat, dog or rabbit as a pet, it’s important to make sure your furry friend is regularly groomed. The right grooming services will not only help your pets look their best, but, can also help to improve their health and quality of life. At Wags & Whiskers Pet Salon, our experienced Sahuarita pet groomer team works regularly with cats, dogs and rabbits of all temperaments and backgrounds. As a result, our professional groomers can confidently handle pets with the care they need while providing specialized pet grooming services and natural pet products.

Differences in Pet Temperaments

For starters, the natural temperaments of cats, dogs and rabbits can vary greatly. While pets have their own unique personality, we have found that different types of pets require special precautions when being groomed. For example, a nervous or scared dog may be more prone to biting, whereas a cat may pose a scratching and biting risk. Rabbits, on the other hand, tend to be calmer and won’t typically exhibit aggressive behavior.

Our team of professional groomers has more than 22 years of experience and knows how to safely handle your pet with respect. In fact, we even specialize in working with anxious, aggressive and senior pets — so you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Differences in Grooming Needs

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Cats, dogs and rabbits can also vary in their specific grooming needs. While all of these types of pets will require regular brushing and nail trimming, different animals or breeds may require more extensive care. When grooming dogs, for example, we may suggest having anal gland expression done on a regular basis to prevent health problems. Both cats and rabbits can be very prone to dry skin, so when grooming rabbits and cats, a moisturizing conditioner treatment may be recommended to help with the skin and coat.

Specialized Grooming for Rabbits, Dogs, and Cats


Our specific recommended grooming services may also vary depending on whether your pet is long- or short-haired. Pets with longer hair will generally have more loose hair and shedding, which may require extra treatments such as a de-shed or even matted hair removal. Haircuts are available for both long- and short-haired pets here at Wags & Whiskers Pet Salon. We generally suggest more routine grooming visits for long-haired pets that run the risk of painful matting, tangles, or health risks.

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We generally recommend professional grooming services about every six to eight weeks whether you have a cat, dog or rabbit as a pet. In between appointments, you can keep up with your pet’s grooming routine by brushing your cat, dog, or rabbit’s fur regularly. If your dog gets especially dirty in this dusty habitat, you can occasionally bathe your dog between visits with our suggested natural pet products.

Trust Our Professional Groomers in Sahuarita, AZ

If you’ve been looking for professional groomers you can trust with your cat, dog or rabbit, look no further than Wags & Whiskers Pet Salon. We have the expertise and all-natural pet products needed to provide pets with the quality care and grooming services they need to live their happiest lives. Contact us today to find out more about our salon or feel free to schedule your pet’s appointment online at your convenience!