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May 8, 2018
Benefits of Deep Fur Conditioning in Dog Grooming
Benefits of Deep Fur Conditioning in Dog Grooming

Our furry friends show us unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. They depend on us to take care of them. This includes their health, well-being, and grooming needs. An often-overlooked grooming need for dogs is deep fur conditioning.

Conditioners available for pets serve a similar purpose to that of human conditioners. Conditioner is applied on your pet’s fur after using shampoo to help keep their skin and fur soft and healthy.

Dog shampoo and dog conditioner are prepared to match the pH level of a dog’s skin (that generally stays in a neutral zone of 6 – 7 pH). However, it’s crucial to remember that human shampoo is more acidic in nature, so, it’s not suitable for your pet’s skin and may cause discomfort. A dog’s skin is more sensitive and thin, so shampoo and conditioner made for them has milder ingredients that suits their needs. Common ingredients used in organic deep fur conditioners for dogs are aloe vera, oatmeal and organic shea butter.

In this blog, we will share with you the benefits of applying conditioner on your furry playmates.

  • Repairs skin and coat

Shampoos may strip your dog’s skin of some essential oils while cleansing. The primary function of a conditioner is to replace those oils, and then to repair and nourish the hair follicles and skin.

If your dog has been exposed to a lot of dirt or mud, it’s skin will tend to become dryer after using shampoo. This is where a conditioner proves its usefulness as a perfect replacement, restoring moisture and softening the skin and fur coat. Plus, applying conditioner after a bath relaxes your pet, helping them to not only look better but feel better as well.

  • Makes the coat glossy

Having a shiny coat of fur not only helps your pet look more attractive but also highlights the health of the skin and fur. A healthy and well cared for dog carries a glossy shiny coat. Leave-in conditioners or sprays are also essential to achieve a shine. We recommend any conditioner that has oatmeal and Vitamin E, as they soothe the skin remarkably after a shampoo. The result is a definite shine that bounces off the hair follicles and provides a glossy looking coat.

  • Nourishes the undercoat

Dogs with undercoats are probably the primary beneficiary of deep fur conditioner usage. The hair of these particular breeds resembles human hair, i.e. they are thin and tend to easily get tangled and dirty. Dogs with undercoats usually have thicker and coarser hair which tends to repel any external dirt (e.g. Labrador). Conditioners consist of hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids that work wonders on thin and limp fur, travelling deep down the hair shaft resulting in fuller looking fur. Deep fur conditioning is a must if you really want to take care of your pet’s undercoat.

  • It reduces static

Shampoos wash away the grime and dirt, but also strip the essential oil and natural moisturizers that keep a coat healthy. In drier and colder climate, conditioners become vital, especially if your pet has dry skin conditions. Humectants present in conditioners soak up the moisture from the air and replenishes the skin, smoothing it and removing the static.  This means, organic pet grooming products that contain Aloe Vera or similar ingredients are excellent for both reducing static and conditioning.

  • Helps in de-shedding and de-tangling

Shedding is a natural occurrence for dogs. But, a proper conditioner will help reduce loose hairs from shedding off easily. If your dog has a double coat, a conditioner will soften its fur and allow already shed fur to glide away easily, freeing the coat of shed hair.

Dog breeds which have coarse fur, tend to trap dirt more. So, just using shampoo will further dry out the coat, creating knots and trapping dirt. Conditioners are the most painless way for detangling your pet’s fur and helping it maintain a lustrous coat.

  • The Cuddle Factor

I can bet you love cuddling up your furry baby, so this is another important reason for using conditioner. There’s no better feeling than petting your dog and snuggling with it. If their coat feels soft, then it’s even more enjoyable to have them cuddle up close to you.

Is a conditioner really required?

Yes, your pet will require deep fur conditioning at some point to help their skin and fur stay healthy and glossy. Conditioner helps add moisture back into a dog’s skin after a bath with shampoo and helps the coat look glossy. Plus, it reduces static and helps with de-shedding and de-tanging. Overall, conditioner helps keep your pet’s fur soft and makes cuddling even more enjoyable.

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