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November 27, 2018
Give the Gift of Pet Grooming this Christmas
Give the Gift of Pet Grooming this Christmas

Are some of the loved ones on your holiday shopping list hard to buy for? If any of them have pets they adore, we just might have the solution for you: holiday pet grooming! A pet grooming gift ensures that the four-legged members of the family look good, feel good, and smell great. A cat or dog grooming gift doesn’t just benefit the pets—it has many benefits for your loved one too. From less hair around the house to making Fido look amazing in seasonal family photos, a holiday grooming gift is sure to please.


Gifting Professional Pet Grooming Sessions

Most owners will appreciate the gift of a professional pet grooming session for their dog, cat, or rabbit. Unless an animal has severe anxiety, a holiday pet grooming session at a professional salon is a thoughtful and unique gift option. Some of the benefits of the salon include:

  • The ability to customize the gift—most salons will let you select the exact services included in the certificate, which gives it a more individualized touch
  • A way to spend less money than you would on quality grooming supplies
  • The knowledge that your loved one’s pet will look and feel incredible thanks to having a professionally rendered treatment
  • The peace of mind of allowing the person you gift to the chance to relax—they can drop their pet off and go shopping or grab lunch during the grooming session
  • The elimination of guesswork since the professional groomer will know exactly what products to use on the pet
  • The perk of making the process incredibly simple, as there’s no cleanup for your friend or family member


Assembling a Pet Grooming Gift Basket

If you want to add a little more pizzazz to your grooming gift, you can assemble a basket and include the gift certificate. Fill the basket with pet-friendly treats that complement the gift certificate. You might want to include:


Breaking Down Grooming Gifts by Service

How do you choose which services to gift your loved one? Unless you have a pet of your own, you might not know how in-depth holiday pet grooming can be. Here are the core grooming services to keep in mind:


If there’s one service you absolutely must include in your gift, it is bathing. A bath is at the core of pet grooming. Baths are vital for the health of the pet, as well as the happiness of both pet and owner. In the right setting, they can be incredibly relaxing for the animal. Baths also keep skin healthy by removing dirt, insects, irritants, and more. The end result is a clean pet that looks great, smells wonderful, and sheds less.

Hair Cuts and Brushing

Not all animals will need a haircut—those are just for pets with longer coats—but a good brushing is essential. A brushing for a pet is like a massage for us—highly relaxing and good for stimulating blood flow. Professional groomers keep a wide variety of brushes on hand for making the fur look great and the pet feel pampered. You may want to purchase a professional grade brush when assembling a gift basket—just ask the pet groomer what they have available for purchase.

Paws and Pet Nails

We strongly recommend opting for a professional service when it comes to paws and pet nails. Many pet owners are hesitant to cut nails or groom paws due to the high chance of error on their part and the potential for anxious reactions from their pet. Professional grooming salons offer nail filing, trimming, and buffing as separate services or as a complete package—a pawdicure. Some even offer pet-safe nail polish or nail caps for cats to prevent clawing.

Dental Care

It’s always a good idea to include services or items related to dental care because pet oral health greatly impacts their overall health and wellness. Many pet owners struggle with dental hygiene for their pets, either because the animal resists it or because they don’t realize how important it is. Professional groomers can clean and polish teeth to perfection.

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