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July 18, 2018
Amazing Summer Care Tips for Your Adorable Pets at Home
Amazing Summer Care Tips for Your Adorable Pets at Home

The summer season brings a lot of fun with it. Just like humans, animals love the summer season too. We all have furry kids at home. To be honest, a home is incomplete without adorable pets. They are our best friends for life. Whether you have a dog, a cat or a rabbit at home, they motivate us to be affectionate, playful and make us feel happy. Although animals can adapt to the environment, still they need care, especially in the hot summer season. Many pet owners have faced many unique challenges related to pet care. As the temperature rises, animals start facing issues. That is why pet grooming is highly in demand.

In summer, it is difficult to keep pets (dogs) cool as they do not sweat like as we humans do. To keep them cool, many people try to shave their dogs or cats. But this is not the best solution. To provide them the best care, here are the best summer care tips:

Let them Feel Cool

Hot summer days are unbearable both for humans and animals. However, human sweat and release the heat. Furry animals do not sweat. For instance, dogs and cats release heat by panting or through their paws. In summer, a pet can suffer from dehydration. Those pets with flat faces such as Persian cats and pugs cannot pant easily which make them more vulnerable to heat stroke. Therefore, you have to make sure that your pets remain cool and have plenty of water. Prevent them from running outside if it’s too hot. Also, take them to a pet salon in Green Valley where professionals will provide them with extra care by trimming their nails etc.

Keep Your Pets Parasite Free

Animals have hairy skin which could become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Pets care also involves keeping them free from all these parasites which stick to their skin. If they are not protected from them then your pets might be at the risk of Lyme disease, heartworm, rocky mountain fever and other dangerous conditions. Many of these diseases also affect people too. So, make sure your pet is free from parasites. In case of any sickness, take your pet to the veterinary doctor for the treatment.

Keep Them Away from Antifreeze

In hot summers, when a car gets overheated, it leaks antifreeze and leaves a puddle on the ground. Due to the sweet taste of the antifreeze, your pets can lap up and swallow this toxic substance which is lethal for them. Always makes sure, your pets remain away from antifreeze.

Use Pet Sunscreen

Just like humans, pets with short hair or pink skin are prone to sunburn. If your pet has short fine hair, you should apply sunscreen. Ask your veterinarian about the best sunscreen for your pet. Remember, you should never use insect repellents or sunscreens which are not meant for animals. Also, it is important to groom your pets, if they have long hair. Take them to Sahuarita dog groomers where professional will cut their hair and groom them to look their best.

Keep Your Pet Away From Dirty Water or Mud

Pets such as dogs love to play with mud or water. Keeping an eye on your pet when you are taking him out for a walk and leave him free on his own makes a good sense to keep him away from mud or dirty places. The more you keep your pet clean, more he will remain healthy. You can also take the help of a professional dog groomer for the best care of your pet.

Finally, pets are like family members. They too need care just like we humans do. So, follow all above-mentioned tips and provide the love that your pet deserves. Having a pet at home blessed you with more happy days in your life.