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September 24, 2019
Best Grooming Practices for Pets in Southern Arizona
Best Grooming Practices for Pets in Southern Arizona

The beauty of Southern Arizona is breathtaking, but the heat and dust can feel that way too – especially when it comes to your pets. While cats, dogs, and rabbits do have natural mechanisms to fight heat and dirt accumulation, they can definitely use a helping hand from their loving owner. Are you doing everything you can to keep your pet cool, clean, and comfortable? Here are a few helpful hints from the best groomer Green Valley residents trust:

Fighting the Fur Where it Grows

Even if your pet has a “short” coat of fur, chances are they still have a layer of under-fur that can get matted or hold oils and dirt. Regular brushing will help fight this buildup. If your pet doesn’t like to sit still on your lap, a grooming “mitt” can help – it slides over your hand so you can groom as you reach out and pet them.

If they will sit still long enough, a more traditional brush works well, too, but make sure to use a pet-specific style. Most human brushes have bristles that are too widely spaced to remove both fur and a shedding undercoat effectively. Also, it’s important to remember that regular brushing is only a small part of good pet grooming routines. To get your pet’s fur in the best possible condition, you’ll still need regular visits to the best groomer Tucson has to offer.

Keep the Shedding Out of Your BedCat with large tumbleweeds of fur, shedding way to much

Even if your pet has a glorious, glossy coat – a minor miracle, given the ever-present dust in Green Valley and Sahuarita – they will still shed. Loose hair and pet dander aren’t just unsightly, they’re hard to clean up, and one of the leading causes of allergy flare-ups in pet owners.

Regular professional pet grooming helps minimize the “tumbleweeds” of pet fur that gather in the corners of your Southern Arizona home. One of the best grooming practices is a regular bath and cut at the groomers, which will also minimize unsightly staining from tear ducts and gland buildup near the tail – both of which can be uncomfortable for your beloved pet.

Evict Unwanted ParasitesDog in sahuarita scratching at the back of their ear because of parasites irritating their skin

Every pet parent hopes that their pet will make friends, but it’s usually at the dog park or with pet siblings – not painful fleas and ticks. The more matted or tangled a pet’s fur is, the more places there will be on his or her body for parasites to hide. In order for regular preventative medicines to be most effective, it’s a good idea to visit the groomer beforehand.

With undercoat cleared away and smooth, straight, short strands of fur, topical medicines work more effectively. If your dog, cat, or rabbit is between pills or applications, the lack of parasite hiding spaces will make them think twice before invading.

Contact Our Team of Professional Groomers

You wouldn’t let your pet sit in a hot car or leave them out in the dust and heat. That’s why we suggest making sure your furry companions are equipped to beat the heat with solid grooming practices. They’ll look and feel healthier, you won’t have as much fur on the furniture, and fleas, mites, and other parasites will be sent packing straight out of Tucson. Call Wags & Whiskers today to schedule an appointment with the best groomer Tucson residents turn to for their pets’ bad hair days.