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June 24, 2019
How Regular Grooming Can Help Your Pet’s Health
How Regular Grooming Can Help Your Pet’s Health

Regular grooming makes your pet look fabulous, and the benefits go far beyond looks alone. As a responsible pet parent, we know you are always looking for ways to improve the lives of your four-legged friends. Consistent pet grooming routines come with a slew of pet health benefits that can help keep your dog, cat, or rabbit in tip-top shape. As a leading pet groomer in Sahuarita, the Wags & Whiskers Pet Salon team has seen these benefits firsthand. With a regular pet grooming schedule, you and your furry friend can experience them, too.

It Keeps Pet’s Hair Healthy

Regular dog, cat, and rabbit grooming with the right brush or comb keeps your pet’s hair in the best condition. Not only does it prevent tangles, but it removes dirt and keeps your pet’s skin clean and free of irritants. Brushing likewise helps to spread your pet’s natural oils through the coat to provide a healthy sheen. Although home grooming is helpful, it is important to schedule regular appointments with a professional to ensure you get the optimal benefits.

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It Helps the Skin

In addition to making the coat shiny and healthy, dog, rabbit, and cat grooming is good for your pet’s skin. The most significant benefit you might notice is a reduction of shedding. Regular brushing stimulates the oil-producing glands in your pet’s skin, which makes it healthy and more prone to hanging onto the hair. Pet grooming also gets rid of mats and dirt that can lead to bigger issues, like skin infections, if pets are not groomed regularly.

It Provides a Pet Health Check

Getting up close and personal with your cat, rabbit, or dog’s coat during a session at the grooming salon gives you or your pet groomer a chance to check-in on your pet’s health. It’s an opportunity to note any bumps on the skin, along with any excessive shedding or bald patches. You’ll be able to determine if any areas of your pet’s body are more sensitive than usual, which could indicate an underlying issue.

Your cat, rabbit, or dog groomer can also do a check of your pet’s teeth, ears, eyes, and paws during a grooming session. This gives pet owners a chance to spot any early signs of problems and correct them as quickly as possible.

Additional Pet Grooming Health Perks

Pet grooming doesn’t stop at brushing or combing your pet. Regular bathing is an integral part of the grooming routine, as are ear cleanings and nail trims. Bathing gets rid of dirt and buildup to help to further maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Ear cleaning is essential for some pets to remove any dirt or material trapped within the ear canal. If not removed, that dirt or material could lead to itchiness or infections.

Nail trims not only keep your pet’s nails short and manageable, but they decrease the risk of infections. With regular nail trims, your pet is better able to maintain a healthy foot structure and posture.

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Professional dog, cat, or rabbit grooming service is essential for your pet’s continued health, and the team at Wags & Whiskers full-service pet salon is always happy to help. From long hair to short hair, we know what it takes to keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling its best. We only use organic shampoo and conditioner because pet care is our number one priority. Contact us today for our full list of pet grooming services.