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January 30, 2019
Life as Pet Groomer: What it Takes to be the Best
Life as Pet Groomer: What it Takes to be the Best

If you’re a pet owner, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend. For that reason, you want your pet to be treated with the utmost care throughout the grooming process, which surely matters to you. So what makes someone a great pet groomer? The top of the tops, the best of the best?

A day in the life of a pet groomer is filled with love, skill and dedication— and when you find a pet groomer who loves their job, you’ll likely find that they’ll also love your furry friend and their regular visits. Here are a few things we believe are qualities of an amazing pet groomer:

The Groomer’s Love for Animals

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Although it may seem extremely obvious, it’s important to note that pet groomers must have an amazing amount of love for animals! While some may go into this profession for the money, the hours, or because they think it will be easy—can easily wish they’d chosen another career path.

The best pet groomers view their careers as more of a calling, rather than simply a “job.” Their love for animals far exceeds that of the average person. That’s just part of what gives them the passion to do their work with excellence and to love what they do every single day.

Pet Grooming Takes Patience

The life of a pet groomer, although disciplined, is unpredictable. Animals have different temperaments and backgrounds. For many pets, the grooming process can be scary. It takes them out of their routine. Dogs, for instance, may cower in fear or attempt to protect themselves by becoming aggressive.

How wonderful it would be to just have chats with dogs and cats, but since that isn’t possible, the best pet groomers must become highly skilled at reading an animal’s body language. They understand that they must be extremely patient and kind in order to calm pets down, communicate that they care, and get the job done.

Successful pet groomers patiently adapt to the unique needs of each animal. They learn to exude an inner calm, practice patience all day every day, and connect with pets without words. Generally speaking, if the pet groomer stays calm, this helps the animal to do the same. Pets are very good at picking up on the temperaments and attitudes of people, and the best pet groomers are masters at keeping their cool. Patient, stress-free pet groomers are always the best. Pet owners and pets alike appreciate this essential quality.

Groomers Must Have People Skills

Pet groomer and dog owner chatting

The ability to interact well with dogs, cats, and rabbits is essential as a pet groomer, but the best pet groomers are also great at connecting with people. Groomers must interact with pet owners on a daily basis and be able to comfort them when it comes to leaving their beloved pets for a few hours to be groomed. Clients aren’t going to leave their fur babies with just anyone, that’s for sure!

Without people skills, the life of a pet groomer would be challenging. All pet owners are different and have requests that are unique. Pet groomers must be good listeners so they can deliver what pet owners want for their animals. Part of their daily job is to provide the best care and health for pets and to create relationships that last the lifetime of a pet.

The Best Pet Groomers are Busy

Once established, the best pet groomers get plenty of referrals by word-of-mouth. That’s because their work gets the reputation of being the best around. There’s little time for thumb twiddling for pet groomers who are at the top of their game.

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