Dog grooming is something in which we pride ourselves. We strive to be the best dog groomers in Sahuarita, Tucson, and Nogales. We feel it is important for you to know more about dog grooming and the services we provide. We recommend:

  • grooming your dog every 6 to 8 weeks
  • keeping up with nail trimming
  • not shaving under the mats but through them to limit irritation
  • not brushing out a dog that has matted hair to the skin because it is very painful
  • having anal glands expressed, so they don’t get an infection
  • not shaving double coated dogs, sometimes you risk the coat not growing back

If you do not know if your dog has a double coat, please bring them into Wags & Whiskers Pet Salon to have our pet groomers help you find the best grooming package for your dog. If you have any questions regarding dog grooming, please call Wags & Whiskers at (520)405-0077.

Have a purrfectly wagtastic day!

DOG GROOMING SERVICES & PRICING*Additional charges may apply at time of checkout


Dog Bath & Brush

*Service includes all-natural products, toenail clipping, anal expression and ear cleaning

  • small breeds (2-25lbs) $27+
  • medium breeds (26-45lbs) $43+
  • large breeds (46-74lbs) $55+
  • XL breeds (75+lbs) $65+

Dog Full Haircut

*Service includes Dog Bath & Brush

  • small breeds (2-25lbs) $47+
  • medium breeds (26-45lbs) $55+
  • large breeds (46-74lbs) $65+
  • XL breeds (75+lbs) $75+


  • de-shed $10
  • re-moisturizing conditioner $8
  • flea & tick shampoo $10
  • teeth brushing $10
  • zoom groom (expedited in 1-2hrs) $10-$25
  • nail filing $5
  • nail trim with dremel $15
  • 'pawdicure' $25
  • nail buffing $5
  • deep fur conditioning $10
  • flea & tick removal $15
  • anal glad expression $10
  • ear cleaning $10
  • mat removal $10
  • face, feet, & fanny $40
  • mud bath $12