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August 14, 2018
Why Dog Nail Trimming is Important for Owners
Why Dog Nail Trimming is Important for Owners

Pet are adorable and make us happy. They are our best friends for life. All they ask for in exchange is a little love and care—that means especially trimmed nails. Depending on the surfaces where dogs spend most of their time, such as grass fields, indoors or dirt paths: nail trimming is required. The rate of nail growth is different for all dogs. Softer surfaces do not provide much friction for their nails thus their nails grow long. Dogs that do lots of exercise on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt roads, their nails wear down naturally. However, even they still need the service of dog groomers.

If your dog’s nails are not trimmed, you could end up with scratches or bruises due to their long nails. Sometimes, those long nails can rip or cut the furniture. If you don’t want your furry friends to damage your furniture, then get their nails trimmed at a Green Valley Pet Salon.

When to Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

Depending on your dog’s breed, diet, and activities, the need for nail trimming may vary. Some dogs’ nails grow faster than other dogs. If your dog spends most of their time on softer surfaces, then chances are that their nails grow bigger and faster than those dogs that spend more time on concrete or other rough surfaces. Essentially, dogs that stay indoors needs professional dog groomers to help to trim down their nails safely.

Many people try to trim the nails of their pets on their own; however, it is not an easy task. Many dogs are difficult to trim at home because they are afraid of getting their nails trimmed. Taking your dog to Sahuarita pet grooming salon for nail trimming provides you many benefits:

Here are some Benefits of taking Sahuarita Dog Groomers service:

Safety Tips for Dog Grooming

Dogs have blood vessels in their nails. You want to make sure you steer clear of them while trimming their nails. However, many dog owners do not know how to avoid these blood vessels and might get end up cutting them, which can be painful for the poor pet. This is why it is recommended to take your pet dog to the local groomer to get their nails trimmed as they will know where the blood vessels are and can cut the nails without harming your dog.

Right Dog Grooming Tools

You can’t use just any tool to cut your dog’s nails. Even if you are using a nail clipper, you might end up cutting your dog’s nails the wrong way or hit their blood vessels. Pet Grooming professional keep proper grooming tools which include specialized nail clippers that are made to cut dog nails in a perfect size.

Stress-Free Grooming

Dogs’ nail trimming is not an easy task. Moreover, you might not know the right way to cut your dog’s nails. Chances are your pet will not make it easy for you to cut their nails. If your dog is misbehaving, cutting your dog’s nails can stress you out. That is why most people prefer to rely on a professional dog groomer service.

Make Your Dog Stress Free

Dogs are not interested in getting their nails trimmed. It often takes longer to get them to relax than it does to actually trim their nails. Our Sahuarita dog groomers understand dogs and their thinking and they know all the tricks to calm them while trimming their nails.

If you want dog grooming services, then schedule an appointment with Wags & Whiskers for nail trimming and grooming of your adorable pets. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed and enjoy more play time for them without fear of getting scratched.