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May 23, 2019
The Best Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Shedding to a Minimum
The Best Tips for Keeping Your Pet’s Shedding to a Minimum

Pets make great companions, but one of the drawbacks of having them is dealing with their fur. Dogs, cats, and other furry pets tend to shed. Most pet owners live in homes with clothes, furniture, and other surfaces that are covered in pet hair. To reduce shedding, keep the following pet grooming tips in mind.

Brush on a Regular Basis

One of the most effective ways to keep shedding to a minimum is brushing pets regularly. You should think about your pet’s coat type and length when choosing tools. For example, pin brushes help remove tangles and dead hair on dogs with long or medium coats. Rubber brushes work well for dogs with short hair. Bristle brushes tend to work with all types of coats. How often pets need brushing also depends on their coat. Long, dense coats require more regular brushing than shorter, thinner coats. Pet owners should also plan on brushing their pets more often when seasonal shedding occurs in spring and fall. During these times, pets typically shed more fur as their coat changes.

Tabby cat in owner's lap getting brushed

Use Tools that Target Shedding

Consider using de-shedding tools in addition to brushing. Brushes help keep pets’ coats in good condition overall, but these tools go one step further. De-shedding tools are designed to eliminate excess fur on pets, which helps cut down on shedding. Using brushes and de-shedding tools can help ensure that pets have healthy coats without leaving excess fur everywhere. You can also take advantage of our de-shedding services to reduce the amount of pet hair around your home.

Give Pets a Bath

Bathing your dog regularly helps remove dead hair, so that it doesn’t end up all over the house. Pets should take baths in a calm environment with warm water and dog-friendly bath products. Brushing before bathing pets helps remove mats and tangles, which makes it easier to run a comb or brush through their coat afterwards.

See a Professional Groomer

Brushing and bathing at home can help minimize shedding, but some pets need more care than this. Working with a professional groomer can ensure that a pet’s coat is properly taken care of. Professional groomers know which tools to use to remove mats and dead hair on pets. For some pets, this might mean using a grooming tool for excessive shedding. Groomers can also provide pet owners with helpful dog grooming tips to use at home.

Woman brushing her dog

See a Vet About Pet Shedding

Some pets shed more than others depending on their breed or the type of coat they have. If your pet seems to be losing more fur than usual, it’s time to schedule a vet visit. Certain conditions can cause pets to shed more often, such as nutritional problems or skin problems. Seeing a vet can help pet owners figure out why their pet is shedding so much and what to do about it. Cutting down on shedding in these cases might involve managing a health condition.

If you’re looking for a groomer in Tucson to help reduce pet shedding, contact Wags and Whiskers today to learn more about our grooming services.